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During the Scripps National Spelling Bee Contest, one of the most amazing things I witnessed was a 6-year-old child spelling words that would have been difficult to spell at any age. With each word that she spelled, she showed poise and great courage. Our children have an amazing ability to learn things at an incredibly young age. If we teach and expose them to things that will inspire them to be great citizens of this world, they will grow to care about all creation.

It is important to teach children at an early age that sharing, forgiveness, and allowing second chances are valuable tools in building relationships. I am reminded that children who are taught these lessons are eager and ready to make up after school yard disagreements. The way in which they forgive each other will then lead to allowing a second chance.

Regardless of age, we can all learn about extending second chances with these three important lessons:

(1) Everyone deserves another chance. After all, that’s what is repeatedly done for us. In extending grace you can get hurt and disappointed, but if you’re going to be hurt and disappointed it’s a risk you must take.

(2) It is all about your belief. Not everyone has the same beliefs. The person you may be upset with may not have the same beliefs as you but we should never make our personal preferences a condition for caring, accepting, or working with someone.

(3) Whenever possible always, look for the best in others. Too often we look for the worst before we try to find the good in others. Everyone we deal with has some good about them. It’s our responsibility to look for that treasure in the life of others and value it. Generally speaking, when people feel appreciated they will try to meet your expectations. Forgiveness and second chances should be the hallmark of our belief system.

Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten