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This segment highlights LHP employees who go above and beyond the call of duty in their work for the company.

Shannon Chung, Community Manager at Boynton Overlook in Chattanooga, TN was recently commended by Mayor Andy Berke, when she received a personal phone call thanking her for her work to house Military Veterans in the community.Shannon Chung

Shannon regularly contacts both the city of Chattanooga as well as the local Veterans Affairs office to find out if there are any potential applicants that could fill vacant 236 and efficiency units at the property. She also works with the appropriate case managers to see that those who are housed remain in place.

The VA has a had a program in place in the area for several years, that provides housing vouchers to homeless veterans. More attention was brought to this program recently when the city of Chattanooga created a department to end homelessness among veterans and also pledged to house 1,200 by the end of this year.

As part of the voucher stipulations, those that move into the property as residents agree to social services through a VA case manager on a monthly basis and sign releases for the case manager to discuss any issues that could end in eviction, with Shannon. This relationship is very positive for all involved and there is great success in keeping formerly homeless Veterans housed at Boynton Overlook.

Way to go, Shannon! Keep up the great work.

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