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You may recall that a while back I sent out a request for folks to tell me about their favorite hobbies outside of work. I got some great responses, and thought today would make the perfect opportunity to start sharing them!

Connie Moore is a Community Director in Nashville, working out of Imperial Gardens. Connie developed an interest in keeping honey bees as a child. This interest was quickly forgotten as she grew older, got married, and raised her family. However in 2012, at the age of 57, Connie desired to try a new hobby for the summer and she remembered her childhood fondness for honey bees. She researched this idea heavily for a month and then decided to dive in and purchase a hive and package of bees. A package of bees is made up of ten thousand female bees and one Queen Bee. Connie figured putting her new bees in the hive would be easy, right? She worked slowly and gently with the bees, as they are not inclined to sting you just because you are close to them, and spent the entire summer watching, checking, and inspecting her new family, like a new mother.

Coni & top bar hive

Fast forward to 2017, and Connie now has 3 hives. She enjoys wathing them fly in and out of the hive and “dancing” at the hive’s entrance. Her apiary (where honey bees are kept) called Dancing Bees Apiary is registered with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. Connie reports that harvesting honey is easy and she gets much joy from it, but she’s careful not to take too much from the bees, as they’ve worked os hard in storing the winter’s supply of food.

If you’d like to see videos of Connie’s beekeeping, please let me know. She’s willing to share the installation and honey harvesting recordings she made in 2012!

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