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Today’s Pup Close and Purrsonal is from Lara Lundy, Due Diligence/Reporting Coordinator at Corporate. Lara has a petite Shih Tzu with a large personality who she first named Dashiell, after Dashiell Hammett, an American author and crime writer best known for The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man. But during the first weeks she had him whenever she opened a door the pup would burst through making a “mad dash” in or out, and Lara decided “Dash” was a more fitting name.

When Dash dislikes something, he lets Lara know with a disapproving sideways glance, and Lara says he is the “master of the Shih Tzu side eye.” That is just one of his many adorable quirks. Dash loves car rides and visibly perks up when they pass cows. If he’s really enjoying himself, he momentarily pulls his head back in the window so he can lick Lara’s ear in gratitude.

Dash likes blueberries provided Lara eats one first. Otherwise, he merely eyes them with suspicion. He’s afraid of extension cords but not of running down the middle of the street. Lara says “he’s ten and I hope he lives to be fifty.”


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