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As businesses start to reopen and more people are vaccinated, social events at LHP properties are opening back up in various degrees and as per the local community’s social distancing requirements.

At Imperial Gardens, it was a spring barbecue and a beautiful day that brought good times and great food to residents.

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Bingo for real and in person is back at Henry Manor in Morristown. Large clear dividers on the tables help ensure safe social distancing.


In Nashville at Trevecca Towers, the staff and Metro Nashville Police have partnered to bring greater safety awareness to the residents and are hosting monthly “town meetings” to discuss fraud and crime prevention, especially among older adults. Officers also stop by the towers periodically to walk through the common areas and attend events. More than 50 residents turned out for the first townhall meeting and Manager Karen Kiefer says everyone is pleased about the increased police presence at the property.


Chaplain Walter Ghosten continues to make visiting with LHP communities a top priority. He’s on the road two days a week to check in with property management to simply say ‘hello’ and be present in the moment with them.