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Each year has four special times that we designate as a season, and each season brings with it a time to celebrate and enjoy the beauty that is presented to us. For me, the fall season with its fantastic natural colors blended together are like one big canvas painting. It is as if the great Creator used his Divine power and imagination to give us a visual perception of the wonders of world to enjoy.

An inspired biblical writer, wrote in the book of Ecclesiastes to remind us about the season of life. “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven.” All of us have experienced times in life that have brought us great joy and other times, deep sadness.  Our life has many twist and turns as is eloquently expressed in Ecclesiastes.

In addition to the ups and downs and beauty and madness of life, many of us give way to peer pressure!  We aspire to standards set by our friends, neighbors or family.  The clothes we wear, the homes we live in and the cars we drive are strongly influenced by others. In some cases, that’s okay but not when it comes to our life’s directions.

Think on this. Only when you are truly free to choose your direction are you really and unquestionably free. This means that you are free from the pressures others try to put on you; free to be the person God called you to be; and free to look to him for answers instead of always looking to others. You have your own season and purpose for living. So, don’t look to others to dictate your purpose in life. Biblically speaking, you must be content with receiving the gift which is given you.

When we scrape the surface, we discover that deep down inside many of us, we struggle with insecurity of our purpose. We are competitive and are always comparing ourselves to others. We are envious of what others possess, their abilities and their accomplishments. We find ourselves trying to “keep up with the Joneses” or to be just like them. As a result, we get frustrated because we’re operating outside of our purpose that God intended for us. In other words, we are not being ourselves! Understand this: life is like a train going up and down and around and around, but it stays on its own track.

You’ll never enjoy the fullness of your blessing until you commit to being the person you were created to be by staying on your own track. So, look into the mirror today and proclaim, “I am what I am. I can’t be anything other than what God has purposed my life to be. So, I’m going to concentrate on being the best me I can be and celebrate every moment.” So Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten