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As we drive along the highway, we must stay on our side of the road to avoid colliding with oncoming traffic. There are painted lines to remind us and to help with visibility at night or in stormy weather. We are given boundary lines to ensure that we stay on our side. In life we have boundaries. Sometimes these boundaries are not as defined as those on the highway. Life boundaries are forged in our home environment, our life experiences, our education and on our job. They often define our roles in life.

My point is this: nobody is good at everything and nobody is called to do everything.

Each of us have defined roles in life. We are not placed in this life to accomplish everything or to please everyone, but rather to focus on what we are trained to do and what we do best.  To be successful, our goals in life should stay within our boundaries.

Sometimes the very nature of our humanity will try to rob us of the joy of serving by allowing us to compare ourselves with others or getting us to conform to the expectations of others. You must not fall into this trap.  You will always find someone who seems to be doing a better job and that may make you feel discouraged. Or you will find someone who doesn’t seem to be as successful as you, and you will become conceited. Either way, you lose.

Always pay close and careful attention to your boundaries….. your own abilities. When you do, you will discover the satisfaction of a life that is content and you will not need to compare yourself to anyone else.

Remember that there will always be people who don’t understand your role in life or agree with you. That’s okay, don’t let it break your forward progress. Concentrate on doing your best within your abilities and you won’t be ashamed of the boundaries of your life.  English author and preacher John Bunyan said “If my life is fruitless, it doesn’t matter who praises me. And if it’s fruitful it doesn’t matter who criticizes me.” So stay within your boundaries and always remember…

Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten