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Whenever a boxer’s manager feels the boxer has been defeated and cannot continue on with the match for fear of an unnecessary physical beating, he will throw a towel into the ring to signal the referee should stop the match. In the reality of life though, towels are not thrown to signal that someone is giving up on a relationship, a job, a friendship or marriage.

I am sure that there are times in life when things are not going so well and you want to “throw in the towel.” In life, there’s going to be anxiety about uncertainty and fear about failing, but allow me to encourage you to hold on. If you push yourself to keep going forward, help is on the way. After all, you’ll never know how close you are to succeeding in a job or in marriage if you quit too soon.

The latest neuroscientific research concurs that meditation, gratitude, compassion, and other spiritual practices bring about lower blood pressure, reduced inflammation, slower aging, reduced anxiety and depression and a decrease in chronic pain as well as other benefits. These practices not only help our individual health, they create more compassionate relationships and working environments for pushing through barriers that prevent us from holding on until success comes.

There is a saying that “those who wait, their strength will be renewed.” You may be hurting right now, but be patient, help is on the way. You may have prayed that you can’t continue, but I can promise you help is coming. In times of doubt, consider these three thoughts for pushing toward success in life:

  • The most successful people I know at holding on are motivated, engaged, and inspired. They continue moving no matter what happens around them.
  • Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself will keep you from moving forward. All of my best successes came on the heels of a failure, so I’ve learned to look at each failure I have experienced as the beginning of something good. If you just hang in there, you’ll find that something is right around the corner.
  • In personal and working relationships, you must stay focused and work together to achieve goals. I always try to focus my mindset no matter what’s going on around me. This will help you not feel like “throwing in the towel.”

Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

By Chaplain Ghosten