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This week’s Pup Close and Purrsonal comes to us from Tamara Billings, Senior Manager/Floater. She has a 12-year-old Brindle Boxer named Thor.  Like his namesake, the mythical Viking god of thunder and lightening, Thor rules the house.

“Even if you aren’t fond of dogs, Thor makes sure you pet him when he wants to be petted and where he wants to be petted,” Tamara says.

 Where does he sleep? Anywhere he wants. There are three beds in the living room–which includes a memory foam mattress–and a fourth in the bedroom. Thor also likes to sleep with them where he takes up half of the bed. “He doesn’t think he is an 85 pound dog,” Tamara explains. “He thinks he’s a little dog.”

Thor is very smart and can sing, howl, sit, shake and lay down on command and by sign language. Even tempted with a treat, he’ll hold a sit-stay until you tell him to come. Thor is loyal to both Tamara and her husband. Whenever one of them comes home first, Thor wants to lay in the yard to watch the road up and down until the other one comes home.  Tamara says, “he is the joy of our lives.”