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Summer cookouts galore!

First up is Pinnacle Park in Knoxville who celebrated at the end of June which included a Good Times visit from our friends at Legacy Housing Foundation.

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Last week, Stonecrest Apartments in Kingsport, TN had their Summer Fest “give back” event. Several community organizations and lots of awesome volunteers came together to ensure the residents felt cared for and appreciated.

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It looks like everyone had a fantastic time!

I can’t forget to include this kind email I received from a resident at Hickory Hollow Towers:

I would like to express my gratitude to corporate that they have matched the perfect meeting of minds and perfection. The office team we have NOW is by far the most organized, personable, policy used fairly and willingness to listen. Both ladies work hard but still have time to review any ideas that we might suggest to help make our community better and fun. Before this office team, things were not good. The office wasn’t a place to enter. We had office staff that treated us by yelling and made us to feel like we had no say in anything let allowed to question. MOST IMPORTANT finally we now have a team in the office! Policy is for everyone to apply to and fairly used. THE OFFICE IS DOING THEIR JOB. I wanted Corp to not just hear complaints (most complain because they are not following the policy) but I am just one of many here that would love to see our office team rewarded for the upstanding job they are doing.

WAY TO GO PENNY & REBECCA! We are not letting y’all go anywhere…

Keep up the good work!


With gratitude & coffee,
Lindsay B