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Shout out to everyone being so wonderful, helpful, understanding, and patient during our transition to LHP. -Roxanne, Trevecca Towers

Jennifer S – Just an amazing person and an all-round inspiration.  I count it a huge blessing to be working under her.

Larissa – Sweet, helpful, caring, humble & fun to work with!

Carolyn G – just a sweet, helpful and trustworthy person, all the time!

Erin W – one of the most polite and humble people I know.  Fiercely hardworking and loyal too!

Stephanie C – one of the most thoughtful people I know.  Thinks of everyone involved.  Also very smart & quick to make wrongs right!

David A – Does things right.  So fun to work with!  Humble…doesn’t just answer a question but takes the time to explain it excellently.  Truly a nice guy!

Susan H – Such a gentle yet excellent spirit.  Great communicator and encourager!

Logan – Embodies the core values of our company.  Wise beyond his years and a true gentleman.

-Avaline, Asset Management