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This week’s Pup Close & Purrsonal comes to us fromĀ Farrah Linkous. Farrah is a Leasing Agent at The 1100 Studio Apartments in Knoxville, TN.

Farrah Linkous Pets 060616

Katie & Hubbell were both adoptedĀ from Young Williams Animal Center on the same day in December 2014, as Farrah’s birthday gift to herself. Both are about 1 year & 11 months old, though they were not littermates.

Katie is a calico and Hubbell is a tabby cat.

Katie & Hubbell are named after the lead characters in one of Farrah’s favorite movies, The Way We Were.

Hubbell’s favorite hobby is knocking things off of tables (proving that gravity works)!

Katie’s favorite hobby is stealing any food in a plastic package, particularly chips and fun size candy bars.

Hubbell’s favorite toy is a stuffed platypus while Katie’s favorite toys are the plastic rings off of milk jugs.

Their favorite place to nap is anywhere the other one is!

Speaking of beloved four-footed friends, The Scruff reminds everyone: please spay or neuter your pets.

Looking forward,


Lindsay B