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As we go through life, we will discover that there are so many directions to take and as we experience different directions, it is good to set boundaries for ourselves and to always be on alert. Life without boundaries can be like a boat without a rudder. The wind and current will push and pull the boat in all directions.

Boundaries are good because they help us keep a balanced life. However, if your boundaries are too rigid you risk shutting out everyone and living life unprepared and ill equipped for the give-and-take that healthy relationships require. Penetrable boundaries leave you defenseless against users who feel entitled to manipulate you and who expect to be taken care of at your expense. You may have experienced this in your life.

But people with flexible boundaries are competent in living a life with a balanced and healthy interest in others. They can be generous in sharing their time, compassion and resources, without becoming overly responsible or betraying their God-given duty to be the unique person God made them, just to please others. They don’t let you violate their boundaries, and they know how to keep from violating yours.

Unlike rigid people, they bend and adjust as circumstances require, without becoming overwhelmed, defensive, resentful, blaming or reactive. In tough situations they roll with the punches, stay focused, and draw on a well of inner strength which God provides. They are flexible much like a palm tree in a hurricane.  When the storm and high winds beat against its long tall truck, a palm tree doesn’t break. It sways and bends with the wind.

All of us will experience life’s emotional storms from time to time. However, the uniqueness and fascinating thing about human life is that we have an inner strength, an ability that allows us to bend—and not break—during difficult situations.  The mind is equipped with a keen sensor that alerts when things are right for you to pursue.  So, don’t break, be flexible and set appropriate boundaries, and Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!


By Chaplain Ghosten