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Think of this like Google or Ask Jeeves…but with fewer questions & answers.

Each week, we will post questions & tips received, from your trusted fellow employees. So remember – to keep learning, you have to keep asking!

Topics can be about anything, just remember that this is our company blog…we will use our discretion when posting.

Look for updates to this page each week. Enjoy & HAVE FUN!

Let’s get started!

  • What is the best recipe for red velvet cake?
  • Who can recommend the best gluten free recipes or grocery store?
  • What brand would you recommend for DIY window blinds?
  • How do you get a mustard stain out of your favorite shirt?

Here are some home tips from our Directors of Maintenance:

  • Don’t put your AC below 72.
  • Make sure your filters are clean.
  • Inspect the coils to ensure they are clean.
  • Make sure your outside unit doesn’t get covered with grass clippings when you mow.
  • Change out your filters monthly.


Do you have any answers to these questions? Anything you are just dying to know?

Send an email to Updates will be posted next week!

Looking forward,


Lindsay B