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What do I mean when I say uncommon faith? It is a deep spiritual belief that your prayers will be answered without any evidence. It is having enough faith to pray and expect an answer.

Having faith that your prayers will be answered is as necessary in a believer’s life as food is to the body. When you continually pray and believe, you are depositing into your spirit, and it builds a reserve. You should not wait until a crisis occurs to try to develop a faith based belief that your needs will be answered. However, an unwavering faith based life allows the believer to speak boldly about their situation and to be confident that it will be resolved.

I ran across a great example of a person with uncommon faith in the Bible. It is the story of Jabez who had a growing faith and a deep trust in God. He was not wealthy and he was not the must educated person. He had no wealth of knowledge. He was simply a common man with an uncommon faith. A lesson to all of us demonstrated by Jabez is that he didn’t worry about what he did not have because what he did have was more important. He had faith. No matter what needs you might have or what godly desires are in your mind, uncommon faith is what you need to hold fast that your request will be answered even though you are still in need.

God will give you the necessary power to get through a crisis. The amazing thing about God is He loves to use ordinary people who are willing to trust Him, and see them succeed. Lots of super-talented people sit on the sidelines while ordinary people with faith score the goals and win. You can be one of them with a winning uncommon faith.

Another interesting thing about Jabez is that he had a disability. In the Hebrew language, Jabez means painful. Jabez caused his mother so much grief during childbirth that she named him, “Painful.” I don’t believe many people would want to go through life with that name.

Jabez may have been unwanted and unloved but he was stronger than his disability. His faith kept him going. His focus wasn’t on the past, it was on the future. He believed that if God blessed him, his future would be greater than his past.

So, as the Chaplain of LHP, I ask you this question: What’s your handicap in life? Is it physical? Is it spiritual? Is it an unhappy life? Is it a frustrating job or a broken marriage or relationship?  Remember anything is possible for the one who has uncommon faith. Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten