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This week’s Up Close & Personal feature is on Karen Smith. Karen is the Community Manager at Ridgebrook Apartments in Knoxville, TN.

Karen Smith

1. Name 3 people, dead or alive, that you would like to have dinner with & why.

  • My Dad – passed away last year on my birthday. He was a very funny guy and easy to talk to.
  • My Dad’s mom – Queen Elizabeth Florence. She would tell the most interesting stories about when she was a little girl, about my granddad, and my dad (when he was younger), along with the rest of her children.
  • Chaplain Walter Ghosten – he’s interesting and smart. He tells good stories, too. He’s very easy to talk to, I trust him.

2. What’s on your DVR right now?

  • Laverne & Shirley
  • Gilligan’s Island
  • Will & Grace

3. What book(s) do you have by your bedside?

  • Bible
  • The Power of Prayer and Fasting

4. What are 3 things we don’t know about you?

  • My first grandchild (a girl) is due September 1st – YEAH!
  • I have 3 grown daughters (19, 23, & 28).
  • When I was 10-12, I was a champion hula hooper…and I can still hula hoop!

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Lindsay B