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When the kids at Ramblewood return to school, they’ll have plenty of stories to share about what they did over the summer.  On a hot July day, the kids enjoyed a variety of water activities that property management staff provided bringing in inflatable wading pools, sprinklers and even a kid-sized slip and slide. Staff also grilled hot dogs and served a meal along with Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

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A couple of weeks later the families at Ramblewood had the opportunity to participate in programs provided by the CEF Greater Clarksville Ministry. Some of the parents at Ramblewood are involved with the  organization which provided lunch and snacks for everyone. The kids enjoyed games and activities that centered around improving communication and team building. The children also received backpacks with supplies for school. Community manager Roxanne Davis said they had a great time and they are excited that the group, known as the “Kids Club,” will resume in the fall with meetings at Ramblewood every Monday afternoon for eight weeks.

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Here’s a short clip of one of the team building activities.

August 4 was a big election day for Tennessee and residents at Trevecca Towers in Nashville for the first time were able to vote in the convenience of their own home! An official voting poll station has been located on the property.


Ridgebrook in Knoxville had a huge back to school bash for the kids that included giant inflatables, great munchies like pizza and cookies and giveaways including free backpacks and school supplies!

The event was held in the evening hours so that parents who work during the day could attend.


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