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Author John Maxwell writes:

  • “Some people have a dream but no team-their dream is impossible.”
  • “Some people have a dream but a bad team-their dream is a nightmare.”
  • “Some people have a dream and are building a team-their dream has potential.”
  • “Some people have a dream and a great team-their dream is inevitable.”

The idea that a person is self-made is a myth. Every successful person has had help along life’s journey. Individuals who dream of a successful business, marriage or sports career are not successful because of just one person. They are successful because they operated as a team, working with others even during difficult times to achieve a dream. So whether we acknowledge it or not, all successful people, all successful businesses and all successful institutions had help along the way.

Only when you can admit that you need help do you begin looking for it. And that is a crucial step in achieving success with your dream. The next steps are knowing your team members’ strengths, communicating your vision to them in such a way that they buy into it, bringing out the best in them and rewarding them. These steps are vital for any business and especially in the affordable housing community.  In fact, you can apply these steps to a good wholesome family life.

And so, to fulfill your dream, you must know the people you work with. Whether they are partners or patrons, bosses or colleagues, clients or constituents or customers or critics, people need to be identified and managed according to their talents and their temperament. So what kind of people belong on your team?

The great tennis player, Serena Williams, is successful on the tennis court because of her speed, agility, great ball striking and a will to be the best. She is sometimes mentioned by the sports commentators as the greatest tennis player ever. However, Ms. Williams has been successful in winning 22 major tournaments because she chooses the right support team. Her family, friends, coaches, trainers, nutritionist, and fans all have played a role in achieving her dream. It is important to have the right team for your dream. So dream on with the right “dream-team”.

Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten