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I’d like to give a shout out to…(first + last name) Property Tell us your SHOUT OUT! Your Name (first + last) Property Position
Karen Kiefer Trevecca Towers I & II Thanks Karen for all you do  Bringing the team together speaks volumes about you  A hard worker this you have proven  From building to building you keep on moving  Knowing residents from each building by name; I’ve also observed you learn their game  Such leadership skills you have set  It’s nice to know you and I’m glad we’ve met Janet Carter Trevecca Towers I & II Service Coordinator
Roxanne Davis Trevecca Towers I Roxanne, thanks for the many times you pulled us through our learning and taking the time from your schedule and busy home life to share of yourself with others.  You are “Awesome!” Janet Carter Trevecca Towers I Service Coordinator
Tammy DeRosa Regional Tammy is such a pleasure to work with, she is very understanding and is always willing to help. Teresa Light Stonecrest Manager
Kimberly Young Relocation Appreciate all your hard work. You do a great job with keeping everyone organized during  relocation and renovation process. 🙂 Roxanne Davis Trevecca Towers Assistant Manager
Software Support & Tech Support LHP Corporate Office They are always there to help when needed. Sharon Caudill Southview Apartments Community Manager
Brenda Hensley Floating Senior Manager Amazing person to have on LHP team!  Comes in and helps where ever needed and gets so much accomplished. Susan Charlton Mountain View Community Manager
Jay Cathey Regional Jay has been so kind and gracious.  Always available to give a helping hand and really cares about his employees. We are very thankful for him Lindsay Weese Indian Ridge Community Manager
Wendy Fouse Compliance Wendy spends her time day or night to be so helpful and kind. Never makes you feel bad to ask questions. Lindsay Weese Indian Ridge Community Manager
Michael Whitt Compliance Michael is so patient and kind in helping, willing to go above and beyond to help me understand anything! Lindsay Weese Indian Ridge Apartments Community Manager
Shannon Chung Thank you for all you do for all of us!  You are a awesome person and a wonderful boss. Meghan Myers Harriman Gardens Property Manager
Teri Wilson Imperial Garden Teri has helped us all so much at the property. We have been going through a rough time with everything going on and she has really stepped up. With everything being thrown at her you never hear her complain. I couldn’t ask for a better co-worker. Alison Toombs Imperial Garden Leasing Agent
Robin Hicks Compliance Robin is always willing to help you with any question you may have, always nice and understanding  no matter what. I have worked with her for many years and she is awesome. Teresa Light Stonecrest Manager