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I’d like to give a shout out to…(first + last name) Property Tell us your SHOUT OUT! Your Name (first + last) Property Position
Stan Phillips Kingwood Arms Stan does an excellent job of maintaining a beautiful community and providing excellent service to our residents. His self motivation shines through the care of the community. Jay Cathey LHP Regional Manager
SHANNON CHUNG RPM Shannon is a great regional.  even though she has 9 properties she is always there for all of us when we need her. She always has good advice. When we are at our breaking point she always knows what to say. She is one of the hardest workers I know. We love our regional! Tina Hughes LEE MANOR COMMUNITY MANAGER
The Accounting Team Corporate I said this last year but it bears repeating à a HUGE SHOUTOUT to our accounting dept.!  They really are the BEST!  I know you all do a LOT but THANK YOU for always being open to feedback and going the extra mile to help me do my job better.  I know I kid around but all jokes aside, I really appreciate each and every one of you! Avaline Helton Corporate Asset Management Analyst
Theresa Little Dandridge and Hickory Forest Thanks for always helping  and teaching me no matter how much I ask the same question over & over again.  Thanks for always saying when I would mess up its OK  WE GOT THIS you never said I it was always we got this.  Your the BEST.  I Miss you.  Thanks You!!!!! Rhonda Beal Ramblewood  Apartments Leasing Agent
Janice Miller Westview Tower Apartments She keeps our office running very efficiently. Besides all her Leasing Specialist responsibilities, she makes sure the staff is informed with all necessary information to make their jobs run more efficiently. Joan Cambeses Westview Tower Apartments Assistant Community Manager
Jessica Phillips LHP Corporate Jessica is always there to help anyone.  All of us in Tech Support thank her!!!! Carmen Solomon LHP Corporate Sr. Tech Support Specialist
Shannon Chung Regional Property Manager Thank you Shannon for your support and guidance in making our job a little easier! Sundai Stevenson Three Rivers Garden Apartments Commuinity Manager
Tracy Young HR Tracy is a ROCKSTAR!  Thank you for all you do to train and coach us all to be better employees! Lindsay Willis
Brandon Gann HR Thank you Brandon for all you do to keep LHP staffed with amazing employees! Lindsay Willis
Laura Canedy HR Laura is an amazing asset to LHP.  I don’t know of anyone with more compassion for LHP employees. Lindsay Willis
Walter Ghosten HR Chaplain Ghosten is a lifeline for so many employees.  I am thankful for his spiritual leadership each and every day. Lindsay Willis
Cristy Lockwood Ops Cristy is an amazing leader, coach, and mentor.  We are thankful for such a caring and genuine person to lead our team. Jessica, Lindsay, Jenn, Amy, Thomas, Kelly, Stephanie,
Larissa Horne Ops Larissa, I don’t know what I would without you on my team! Thank you for all you do!! Jessica Phillips