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If aliens ever do land on earth, they’ll want to work at LHP Capital. Employee Appreciation Week 2021 brought “out of this world” fun and treats to employees and managers at every property across the portfolio and the corporate office. All of the activities were designed to show how much LHP appreciates the dedication, talent and hard work each employee brings to their role year-round.

The blast off on Monday began with employees receiving a very nice LHP branded backpack. During the week, employees were encouraged to explore strange new desserts, to seek out tacos on Tuesday and to boldly go to a family style breakfast to eat more than any person has done before. On Friday, employees received a $25 Amazon gift card and were given the afternoon off so they could start the holiday weekend early. By all reports, Employee Appreciation Week 2021 was a stellar success.

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Employee Appreciation Week 2021:  More Shout Outs of Appreciation