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Here at LHP, we know everyone is dedicated to the work they do each week. From working at one of our affordable housing communities to helping things run smoothly at the Corporate office, LHP stays in tip-top shape.

However, sometimes folks may have some extra time or desire to be helpful outside of the office. Here are two great examples of LHP employees doing just that:

Charlie Dobbs, Nashville Area Maintenance Manager, coaches a baseball team in his area. Over the summer, they did so well that they earned a spot in the Dixie Youth World Series in Ozark, Alabama.


Out of 22 teams, Charlie’s group came in 6th place overall. Congratulations!

Terrance Gainer, Maintenance Supervisor at Hillwood in Akron, Ohio was featured in a print advertisement used by Summa Center for Health. Terrance was previously diagnosed with Diabetes and worked diligently to learn how to manage his condition and improve his health.


Do you or one of your co-workers have a similar story to share? We want to know about it!

Send those stories and photos into the Social Media Team via email to

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