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Every team scored a home run in the LHP employee Random Act of Kindness (RAK) contest. Here’s this week’s RAK entry synopses…

HR. Team members: Lindsay Willis, Brandon Gann, Laura Canedy, Debbie Gray, and Walter Ghosten.

The HR team decided they would like to help either a child in school or a family with school-aged children. They used the $100 provided as well as contributing their own money in order to gift Jackie, a grandmother that resides at LHP’s Pinnacle Park Apartments who was recently awarded custody of her two granddaughters, with a laptop to aid in school lessons. The team found the grandmother with the help of Emerald Youth Foundation. Jackie and her granddaughters were ecstatic when they were given their new laptop as it will help tremendously with their homework and projects for school.

Phil’s Team. Team members: Phil Lawson, David McAndrews, Stephanie Chess, Lindsay Brazier, Garrett Gresham, and Amy Styles.

Phil’s team took the money provided and turned it into $500 by encouraging those around them to enter into a raffle for a $100 Copper Cellar gift card. The $500 raised allowed us to surprise five teachers at area school Green Magnet Academy. Each teacher received $75 in cash as well as a basket filled with $25 worth of supplies and gifts. Local landscaper Stuart Row won the $100 Copper Cellar gift card, but chose to give back to our cause by donating it to the principal of Green Magnet Academy. The teachers and staff that received gifts were surprised and thrilled when LHP’s Random Act of Kindness contest was announced at the school assembly.

Software Support. Team members: Joe Engle, Pam Dickey, Gayle Wessner, Trey Allen and Kyle Garcia.

The Software Support team reached out to three individuals at Island Home Park Health and Rehabilitation. The first is a young resident who loves going on outings and has recently started teaching art classes for other residents. He was given $25 to put towards activities and art supplies. He couldn’t wait to sign up for the facility’s next trip so that he can add to his art supply collection!

The second resident was in need of clothing. She was given $25 to go shopping. She was so excited to know she would now be able to buy some clothing that she greatly needs.

The third resident was given $50 to purchase eyeglasses because she loves to read but it has becoming increasingly difficult due to her rapidly changing vision. She was delighted to soon be able to return to her favorite past time.

Tech Support. Team members: Carmen Solomon, Larissa Horne, Jessica Phillips, Barry Rawdon, Thomas McDermott, and Michael Johnson.

Tech Support’s team chose to purchase toys to donate to Shiloh Riders East Tennessee Toy Run. The Shiloh Riders are a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide toys to children, age birth to teens, in East Tennessee who might otherwise not receive gifts at Christmas. Tech Support provided enough toys for 35 children to each receive one toy. A Shiloh Riders Santa greeted the Tech Support team when they came to deliver their donation and he was overwhelmed at the amount of items they were able to provide. He highly encouraged anyone who would like to volunteer at a toy give-away event to come, in order to see just how much of a difference these gifts make in the lives of the children they are affecting.