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It is difficult to measure the value of a random act of kindness. With LHP’s contest, the wide variety of heartwarming and kindly actions are priceless. Some teams chose to help an individual; others selected a nonprofit to have an exponential effect. Some spent the allotted $100 per team and others spent less.

Employees from a team featured in this week’s post added personal contributions to the project because they “had the desire and the ability to have a greater impact than the initial $100 grant would allow.” Here are four more LHP employee acts of kindness to make your week:

Compliance I. Team members: Elva Saylor, Bethany Smith, Chris Johnson, Daphanie Scott and Deneise Parker.

Compliance Team I

Kids need veggies to grow up strong and healthy and the Compliance I team dug in to find and support a program that cultivates a child’s interest in growing and eating fruits and vegetables. Nourish Knoxville: The Power of Produce (POP) Club operates in the summer and winter months at the Market Square Farmers’ Market.

POP provides a fun opportunity to engage children directly with farmers, educational games, field trips and demonstrations that all provide exposure to new fruits and vegetables. Every child receives $5 POP bucks to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables or food producing plants.

Thanks to the Compliance I team’s donation of $100, 20 new children will be able to participate this fall. The POP Club coordinator was thrilled and sent follow-up e-mails to the team thanking them for their generosity and for picking POP to support.

Compliance II. Team members: LaFonda Rogers, Wendy Fouse, Karen Smith, Julie Cooley and Michael Whitt.

A very warm welcome was waiting for Compliance II team members when they walked through the front door of the Ronald McDonald House in Knoxville.

The McDonald House has been serving families since 1985, providing temporary lodging with the comforts of home for families with critically ill or injured children. The house itself is a 100-year-old mansion with beautiful inviting rooms and vintage décor.

LHP’s Compliance II team brought kitchen supplies for the house which strives to provide a home-away-from-home atmosphere for family members who live at the house while a child is receiving medical attention at a local hospital. The coordinator was very appreciative and thanked the team for choosing the Ronald McDonald House.

Thinking about LHP’s VTO program, team members inquired about volunteering. Employees interested in learning more about volunteering for the Ronald McDonald House in Knoxville should call Carolyn Broscious at 865-637-7475.

Construction. Team members: John Farner, Jeremy Nafzinger, Stephanie Haynes and Jane Shrader.

Open your eyes to see the invisible people in your life. This mindset inspired the Construction team to bestow an act of kindness on their office building’s janitor, someone who does the hard work day after day with a smile and warm greeting—if you bother to “open your eyes” and speak to him.

In its entry, the team wrote, “this kind of career can be a thankless one that comes with a low pay scale. People see it regularly where someone in that role is disgruntled as people walk by…” But this is not the case at Riverview Tower where Antwoin works (last name not used for privacy reasons.)

The team staged a huge reveal for the RAK at LHP offices on the 20th floor and duped Antwoin into coming by requesting an immediate janitorial service (Antwoin’s supervisor was in on the secret.) Within five minutes of the service call, Antwoin was rolling his cart off the elevator ready to tackle his next job.

Surprise, Antwoin! The team greeted him with a gift basket filled with candy and gift cards. Antwoin said he felt blessed. At one point, his emotions got the better of him and he hid his face. Antwoin is raising his grandchildren and the gift cards to Walmart will help with school supplies. The unexpected act of kindness could not have come at a better time.

Construction Team

Development. Team members: Carr Hagan, David Arning, Mike Rodgers, Craig Cobb, Caroline Jenkins and Lara Lundy.

The Development team considered a number of ideas and ultimately decided that team members had the desire and ability to have a greater impact than the initial $100 grant would allow. Team members contributed additional funds to the project and raised a total of $500.

In the spirit of being a random action, the team elected to partner with Knoxville’s Volunteer Ministry Center (VMC) to find a family in need of something significant. VMC matched them with a family with several small children. The family is living independently but maintaining the household is a precarious financial balancing act. The family washing machine had recently gone kaput and they had no means to replace it.

The team purchased a new washer and had it installed. A team member spoke to the mother by telephone. She was overwhelmed and near tears when she realized the huge problem—and major expense—had been taken care of by a random and generous act of kindness.