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Kindness: A Difficult Act to Judge

LHP’s Random Act of Kindness contest brought tears of joy to a grandmother’s eyes and cheers from excited students. They answered prayers for many individuals and met a family’s need just in the nick of time. Every act of kindness deserved an award, said LHP Capital Cristy Lockwood, which made the judging extremely difficult.

Cristy along with LHP’s Carey Parker and Alvin Nance judged LHP’s first Random Act of Kindness contest and while the experience was very meaningful and inspiring, it was also a formidable task.

“Every act was caring, thoughtful and kind,” she said. “Just reading them made me smile, some brought tears. They were all great and very hard to select just one winning entry.”

The judges ended up meeting three different times to discuss the entries and agree upon the judging criteria which was also difficult. They looked for acts that were unique, impactful, meaningful, moving and, of course, kind.

“How do you select best of show when they are all great?” said Carey. “It was challenging but it also gave me a new and deeper appreciation of the people who work at LHP. Our employees are caring people and their generosity of both time and spirit makes me proud.”

Alvin Nance said the contest provided an opportunity to see the softer side of people at LHP. “I know our employees care and that there’s a kindness spirit out there every day, but sometimes with the busy pace of work, we can’t see it. With the contest, our kindness shows and every entry and every employee is a winner.”

Will the LHP Random Act of Kindness be an annual event? Cristy said members of the leadership team support the idea and a decision will be made later in the year.

“The contest creates an environment of goodwill among all our employees and it truly makes a difference for so many people,” she said. “Random acts of kindness simply make our world a better place.”

I think we can all agree how much nicer our world would be if everyone was kinder to each other.”

The 2017 Random Act of Kindness Contest Winner is INDIAN RIDGE in Shelbyville, KY! Indian Ridge is staffed by 2 people: Sherry Bogard, Community Manager, and Harry Abarientos, Maintenance Supervisor.

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“The greatest gift you can give is your time. Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you can never get back,” wrote Sherry Bogard, Indian Ridge community manager, in her team’s RAK entry.   True to those words, Sherry and Harry Abarientos gave their time—and creative talent—to build a “Little Library” for residents at Indian Ridge. Harry did much of the carpentry work and Sherry was the designer, painting the dollhouse-size library and decorating it with Scrabble letters that spelled out “Indian Ridge Little Library” and “Read.”

Their idea for kindness was to give the residents of Indian Ridge something to help them “unplug from stress and other struggles” by reading a book. With the Little Library’s “take a book, return a book” concept, anyone can borrow a book and there’s no cost. The library encourages reading and sharing, which Sherry believes also promotes a sense of community.

“They appreciate the honor system,” she wrote, adding that they like having a community of people acting with integrity.  Residents love the Little Library and began donating books before the first official book exchange event. One resident said that “this has inspired me to pick up a book and read, it’s been years.”  A little girl remembered a truism and said “a book can take her imagination anywhere.”

And with a little imagination you can bring kindness to anyone, anywhere. Congrats Sherry and Harry. Enjoy your complimentary lunch and thank you for your kindness.