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There are times when life deals us challenging blows, such as health problems, financial distress, work challenges, or family issues. These may hit us at any age or stage of life. The question is how we will handle life’s blows when they happen. Well, like any skill, mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience can be learned.

First, build resilience by viewing your setbacks as gateways to something greater. Thinking positive can be hard when you are hurting. Your emotions are centered around your situation making it difficult to remember that when things look hopeless and bleak “with God all things are possible.”

Second, see yourself as a successful person prior to your challenges. And while you might not feel that the healing process is taking place, remember that successful people don’t just face adversity, they embrace it.

Third, when things in your life seems hopeless, remember God is the great solver of all human problems. But first we must have faith and place our concerns and problems in his care.  We must visualize victory while we battle with our situation; remembering that the real battle is in his hands. While striving for answers to our problems, refuse to dwell on the past or worry about the future. Today is where you have the most influence.

Fourth, there will be times when you will feel all alone. You will feel like you have no one who cares. When that time comes, remember all those who have helped you before, who have supported you and who love you. Thinking about people in your life who have helped you to overcome your problems will give you strength to deal with your situation. Research studies have shown that even when people correspond with others via email or letter, they feel better and they feel less hopeless in their situation.

Last, remember you may not have control over some challenges; however, recognize what you can’t control, focus on what you can, and surrender the rest to God. Keep trying and believing and God will be there for you in your darkest hours. Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!


By Chaplain Ghosten