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This week’s Up Close & Personal feature is on me, your fearless Social Media Coordinator!


1. Name 3 people, dead or alive, that you would like to have dinner with & why.

  • Mary Lou Sharp – my grandmother; she died when I was 12 & I still miss her terribly.
  • President Barack Obama – I would love to know how he manages day-to-day.
  • Kurt Cobain (lead singer of Nirvana) – it would be great to get inside his head, for just a little while.

2. What’s on your DVR right now?

  • Castle
  • Sofia the First (I have a 3 year old!)
  • The Big Bang Theory

3. What book(s) do you have by your bedside?

  • I read all of my books on a Kindle Paperwhite, so there are lots!
  • I am currently reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

4. What are 3 things we don’t know about you?

  • I was born 4 months premature, weighing 1 pound.
  • I didn’t start wearing glasses until I was 18 years old.
  • I had never changed a baby’s diaper until my daughter was born.