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As the summer winds down and fall begins, LHP family and senior properties are helping residents transition with a variety of programs. At The Pines, it was an ice cream treat for kids on Friday afternoon of their first week back at school.  At 1100 Studio, about 70 residents came to a food give away provided by Knoxville’s Second Harvest. The event is coordinated by service coordinators Johnneta Fenderson and Jannette Hypes and is held about once every two months.

North Cleveland Towers celebrated senior citizen day with a scrumptious brunch and residents were appreciative. Just look at those smiles.

The rollout of LHP’s new customer service program, Positive Resident Experience or PRE, continues. At Springplace, Community Manager Stephanie Corum primed the pump by giving a door prize to every fifth resident in attendance. It worked! She had 31 residents at the first meeting which is about half of the total resident population of the 72-unit elderly property.

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