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Two members of LHP’s Software Support team worked in the office with the staff at Pinnacle Park in Knoxville for a day recently & here’s their report:

A simple rule: don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

Well, SS took up that gauntlet. Michael Tuten and Trey Allen spent a day working at Pinnacle Park. They processed new applications, sat in on A/R interviews, receipted payments and closed work orders. Seeing these common daily events from the property’s point of view, helps SS to better understand their specific needs. The best way any of us can help, is to understand.

Thank you to Pinnacle Park office staff, Julia Belcher, Martha Hopkins, and Carey Parker for helping make this happen.

Who wants to spend some time in SS to see a day in the life of an SS Team Member?

     picture-1  picture-2

Michael Tuten & Trey Allen are pictured working with Karen Dunn, Community Manager.

Looking forward,

lindsay close up

Lindsay B