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You have heard the saying many times that “learning is a life-long experience.” The opposite of this saying is one that you have also heard “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” This might be true of animals but with a healthy brain, the human’s ability and capacity to acquire knowledge doesn’t necessarily diminish as we get older.

However, fear of learning can be a prohibiting factor for increasing knowledge. As we advance or move from one occupation to another, often times a different set of skills must be learned. And so, one must be willing to attain the skills necessary to successfully accomplish the new tasks.  Remember you may be very intelligent, but your preconceived notions can doom you to fail in life if you believe learning is only for younger minds.

Assumptions, rigidity, and force of habit can cause you to keep doing things that don’t work and make no sense. Dr. James Dobson says; “Until 1992, I wrote books with pencils and yellow pads. I did that for years after word processors were available. The twentieth century was almost over before I decided to join it.” Are you afraid to abandon an old belief system, or learn a new skill, or tackle a new project? When you are finished learning, you’re finished!

The only real limitations are those we place on ourselves, by refusing to learn. I believe these sayings are true: “give instruction to a wise person and they will be still wiser; teach a just person, and they will increase in learning. The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”

Don’t let your fears and preconceived ideas keep you from growing; be teachable. Be willing to learn new skills and don’t be afraid of failure. Only those that fear advancement are the ones who are in jeopardy of failure. So keep on learning new skills, trying new ideas, or taking on new projects to advance yourself.

Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten