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“When you live an unexamined life, it shows” is a popular saying in self-help circles. It implies that without checks and balances in our daily lives, a person’s physical, mental or emotional health can deteriorate. For example, if you currently live or work in an environment rife with negative thinking and don’t do anything to protect yourself, you may become depressed or pessimistic, like the others. Take stock of the situation. Sometimes you must let go of things and even people that have a negative impact on your life. Who needs misery as company from one day to the next!

Do you know an individual who seems to always be grumpy? They usually have a grouchy expression etched on their face and appear angry at the world because nothing is ever right for them. No matter what you say or do, their feedback is always negative. Do you know anyone like this? Well, could it be you?  Smile and be happy; life is shorter than you think.

Author Gordon MacDonald writes: “I was reading about authors who were saying that if ‘God’s people don’t grow, it’s because they don’t make a habit of evaluating their lives.’ These authors were describing me. I was always on the go, never looking deeply inside. I never did the kind of reflection that leads to growth, and I was paying the price…committing the same stupid mistakes over and over, living with the same heavy load of guilt.”

The gospel group Jackson Southernaires has a song that speaks to those who carry a “heavy load.” In the background, a choir can be heard singing “God will lighten up your heavy load.” There are times in all our lives when we need direction and guidance. Today you might have unwelcoming things going on and you may need help on how to proceed. Your heart could be hurting. If this is you, I suggest you seek God for guidance.

There are individuals who prescribe to keeping a daily diary and by doing so, it helps them slow down and examine the effectiveness of what they are doing. It frees the person to ask the question; why am I doing this? By writing a page every day in your diary, you’ll have time to reflect on how you have been blessed and prayers that have been answered. The positive feedback from reading your dairy will be rewarding and you’ll not have to worry about living an unexamined life.

Make the best of your life now because there is no promise that tomorrow will be the same, worse or better. Stop and reflect on your lifestyle and examine what you can do better for yourself and those who surround you (family, friends, relationships, others.) Be blessed and Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up!

By Chaplain Ghosten