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I had the great privilege of visiting one of LHP’s properties this past week. Upon entering the facility, I observed these words engraved on a plaque – “Live by Faith, Grow in Grace, Walk in Love.” This message was intended for the residents to reflect on as they engaged in activities. However, the expression reminded me of the words recorded in biblical scriptures – “Faith, Hope and Love.” I am almost certain that the person who designed the plaque was hoping to send encouraging words to every culture across the globe.

But how do these sacred words speak to us in uncertain times like these and how can we gain strength from them that will enhance our mental outlook on life?

Faith is something that all humans cling to each day. We go about our daily activities having faith that we will be safe; faith that our family and loved ones will be OK. We generally do not give our activities much thought because we have faith. However, the faith we possess is not based on our own abilities; but rather, our faith is in God who can keeps us on solid ground and safe in times like these.

Hope has a different character. Hope is thinking about the future. It is like hoping for our children to be the best at what they do or hoping for a bright and sunny day or hoping for a promotion that is long overdue ?. The common thread in faith and hope is that we must depend on God for these cognitive thoughts and desires. Faith and hope do not happen because of our physical strength or our mental capacity to do great things; but rather, hope and faith represent God’s work in us and through us.

Love on the other hand is more powerful than faith and hope. In fact, biblical writings tell us that the greatest of these three is love. So why is love greater than faith and hope?  Biblical scripture teaches “love suffer long and is kind; love doesn’t envy; love is not stuck-up; love is not puffed-up; love doesn’t rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in truth.  Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.”

We can possess faith, hope, and love but the greatest of these is LOVE!! So, during this season while we are in a pandemic, express your love and compassion toward others. And Never Give UP! Never Give UP! Never Give UP!


By Chaplain Ghosten