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Here at LHP, we know everyone is dedicated to the work they do each week. From working at one of our affordable housing communities to helping things run smoothly at the Corporate office, LHP stays in tip-top shape.

However, sometimes folks may have some extra time or desire to be helpful outside of the office. Here are two great examples of LHP employees doing just that:

Carmen Solomon, half of the corporate office’s Tech Support team, was diagnosed with diabetes in 2004. In 2010 she began raising money on behalf of the American Diabetes Association, by raffling off a unique University of Tennessee themed quilt with one square always featuring the autograph of a UT football coach.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the ADA, Carmen set a lifetime fundraising goal of $25,000, which meant this year’s goal would include raising at least $5,000.

She did just that and more…raising a total $5,441 for the year! Way to go!


Westview Tower in Knoxville had their eye on health when they organized flu and pneumonia shots for their residents. Shots were given by University of Tennessee medical students. I know that this isn’t a special project done outside of work, but it’s a great idea to inspire all of us to begin considering places we could be of help…donating time and energy for a cause we care about.


Do you or one of your co-workers have a similar story to share? We want to know about it!

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