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Today’s Pup Close and Purrsonal comes to us from Jackie Walsh, Assistant Community Manager, Lewisburg Summit, who has Max and Boot Scootin’ Buggie, a brother-sister pair of felines who are large and in charge. Since the first day Jackie adopted them, the siblings have ruled the home.

“They ran in my apartment and claimed it as their own right away!” Jackie says. “They were never afraid or hid from anything or anyone. I knew that I picked the perfect pair.”

The rescue cats were 1 year old when Jackie adopted them some seven years ago. She decided to keep the shelter name for the male kitty because it suited him. Max, full name Maximus, is indeed a 20 lb. tank, she says. Buggie’s name came about because of her very round, bowling ball-like physique and small head.

“I laughed that she kind of looked like a tick and so I started calling her Buggie!” Jackie says. The full-figured feline enjoys sitting in the window chattering at the birds and endlessly chasing a laser pointer light. She’s also prone to sudden bursts of energy (zoomies), a behavior her calm, gentlemanly brother doesn’t understand but accepts because he takes his role as a protective and caring big brother very seriously, according to Jackie, and probably because he has his own set of quirks.

Max is obsessed with water and has discovered 101 ways to recreate with a water dish. Jackie tried bowls of different sizes and weights as well as a fountain to deter Max from splashing and spattering water throughout the house. Finally, she found that industrial-strength Velcro used to secure the bowl down to a plastic mat does the trick.

To say that Jackie loves her furball family members is an understatement. They mean “absolutely everything, they have been with me through a lot.”

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Speaking of our beloved furry family members, The Scruff reminds everyone: please spay or neuter your pets.