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In this cool weather, it’s nice to read a story that warms the heart! Enjoy the next to last set of submissions recapping LHP’s first-ever Random Act of Kindness contest.

Regionals. Team members: Martha Hopkins, Elisa Merritt, Erin Gonzales, Robin Brown, and Mary Hart.

The Regional team chose to shower another employee, Gary Agent, from Imperial Garden with their RAK. He is currently undergoing treatment for a medical condition and the team wanted to help provide a little relief so that his family is able to purchase much-needed items during this difficult time. Gary was very appreciative when he received the Regionals phone call notifying him of the $100 Wal-Mart gift card that he would be receiving. He mentioned how much it will help his family in their time of need.

Ridgebrook. Team members: Navonya Jones, Shanice Gilbert, Ricky Strader, and Billy Mynatt.

This team wanted to make a BIG impact with their $100. They chose to purchase pizzas from Little Caesars, which allowed them to stretch their money far enough to get 18 pizzas. The team recognized the bridge on Broadway Street in Knoxville was a popular spot for many of the local homeless population to gather and identified that as the perfect location to distribute their pizzas. In addition to the pizza, the team gave out bags of necessary toiletry items like toothpaste and toothbrushes that had been leftover from a prior Good Times event. In total, Ridgebrook’s RAK team fed 72 people a total of 144 slices of pizza. The folks were so grateful they began spontaneously singing and dancing for the team! It was like a party under the bridge. People hugged and thanked them, as well as giving thanks to LHP for being willing to help so many people. Even the maintenance staff from Ridgebrook got choked up. They had never done anything like this in the course of their daily work, and it made them feel good to give back to the community in such a simple, but meaningful way.

Southside Manor. Team members: Tamakieta Monroe and Stephen Briggs.

Southside Manor’s team chose to recognize local businesses for their RAK. As Tamakieta acknowledges “everyone likes to eat!”, so this team picked pizza delivery crew as their alternate job for lunch one day. Each business was excited, not to mention shocked, at the surprise delivery. The Southside Manor team was very happy to see how genuinely appreciative all of the recipients were.

Southview. Team members: Sharon Caudill and Scott Schumaker.

Southview chose to provide residents with groceries for their Random Act of Kindness. The residents were very appreciative to the staff and LHP for their generosity.

Stonewall. Team Members: Kelly Duncan, Christy Nutter, Nokomis Yeldell, and Louis Backover.

A new resident at Stonewall was scheduled to move in to her apartment at the beginning of August. When she arrived to sign her paperwork, she mentioned to the staff that the house where she was living with her mother, had burned to the ground the night before leaving her with nothing but the clothes she was wearing. Immediately, the Stonewall team knew that their RAK should benefit this new resident. Using their money wisely, they were able to purchase a complete 4 piece place setting of dishes, glasses, and silverware. In addition, they purchased much-needed items for her apartment such as cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, personal hygiene products, paper products and diapers for her baby. The resident was incredibly grateful to the staff for their generosity. She never stopped smiling and repeatedly told each person thank you for their help.