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This week wraps up our summary of the random acts of kindness LHP employee teams carried out in August. About 40 teams participated in the Random Act of Kindness (RAK) contest, which was a first for LHP’s annual Employee Appreciation Week.  The recipients of the good deeds varied greatly and included fellow employees, residents, school children, schools, teachers, hospital patients, nursing home residents, homeless people, homeless pets, nonprofit agencies, communities and complete strangers.  The good deeds varied, too, but all had one common denominator. They were kind. Here are the last of our RAKs to bring a smile to your face, a lump to your throat or a little bit of happiness to your day.

Tivoli Place. Team members: Anthony Chauvin, Michael Kincey, Ranata Edgerson, Columbus Thomas and Faye Mancuso.

Gina Jackson, Tivoli resident service coordinator, lost her home this year when a tornado hit New Orleans. She was at work when it happened and the staff will never forget her distress when she learned her home and all of its contents were gone. In the RAK entry, the team leader Faye Mancuso wrote, “We have witnessed her struggles and her resolve to overcome. She never lost sight that what matters most, her family, was spared.”

Gina and her husband and three boys lost everything and the Tivoli team seized the opportunity to do something for her to let her know how much they care and appreciate her and all that she has done for them at Tivoli Place.  The team surprised her with a $100 Walmart gift card. “We told her that we unanimously agreed that she was our most deserving recipient.”  And the waterworks flowed!

Tonawanda Towers. Team members: Colleen Soulvie and Paul Vrenegor.

Random acts of kindness come in many forms, but the most popular ones—according to YouTube–are when people do good deeds for strangers. The Tonawanda Towers team took this approach and set out to surprise a total stranger.

They left Tonawanda on foot looking for the lucky person. As they approached the Salvation Army, they saw a woman leaving who looked as though she may have been crying. They walked up to her, introduced themselves and told her that their employer had given them $100 to do something nice for someone.  Colleen handed the woman a $100 Visa Gift Card. At first the woman didn’t say anything and then she began to cry while saying, “thank you, thank you.”

Urban Park Towers. Team members: Linda Cooper, Pam Gawne, Jeff Flanders and Mike Maloney.

Going back to school is an exciting time and the Urban Park Towers RAK team made it even more so for the young children living at the community. While a “new” backpack isn’t always essential when last year’s will do, it can make a child feel special.  The team surprised the children at the property with new backpacks stuffed with as many school supplies as they could.  A total of five were distributed and the team met individually with each child to personalize the gift. The children responded with “big smiles” and many thanks. They were excited to have new ones for school and said the old ones would be used for overnights with grandparents. A 17-year-old was the most appreciative. His mother had been ill and said the backpack was “exactly what he needed.”

Westview. Team members Alva Kinard, Joan Cambers, David Hagaman, Richard Lewis, Wade Thompson and Janice Miller.

The Westview team showed how a small act of kindness can mean the world to someone.  The hairdresser who works at Westview has a great rapport with the residents and is always a delight to be around. Sadly, her mother passed away just prior to the start of the contest and so the staff decided to use the RAK opportunity to do something to let her know how much they care.

The day before she was due back to work, they sneaked into her salon and decorated it with pretty plants. When she arrived to find the thoughtful gesture, she was surprised and immediately broke down in tears. A lovely story that shows how little acts of kindness are most definitely a way to make someone’s day and bring some happiness to our world.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our Random Act of Kindness contest! Check out just a few of the written notes we received thanking us for the great work created by this program: