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Did you know that LHP owns a commercial property? It’s located at 900 E. Hill Avenue, near downtown Knoxville.

In December 2017, we purchased Regency Business Park and are now rebranding it to be called CityScape. CityScape was originally built by our friends at Wood Properties in 1986 and they managed the property for many years.

You may know that Susan Howell serves as Principal Broker on behalf of LHP Management, LLC for the properties in our portfolio. However, did you know that Joe Engle has started his own real estate firm? He’s the Principal Broker for Acadia Real Estate Group and is doing all of the commercial leasing for CityScape.

We’re in the process of making lots of changes to this property and we can’t wait to show them off when they’re all done!

On October 5, our CEO Carey Parker was honored to present the Student Award to Emily Scarbrough at the Friends of Literacy Writers Hall of Fame awards. Emily is currently enrolled in Friends of Literacy’s HiSet/GED prep class at Norwood Elementary School. Through her experience in the workplace, she quickly realized that the jobs she could get without a high school diploma rarely paid enough to provide for a family. Motivated by her personal drive to succeed and her desire to show her son the rewards of hard work, she has committed to furthering her education to improve life for her and her family. Through her work at Norris Academy, a psychiatric residential treatment facility that helps children with neurological disorders, Emily has realized she wants to work with children and teenagers who come from disadvantaged situations. Once she earns her HiSET diploma, she plans to continue her education with the goal of earning a Master of Science in Social Work.

We congratulate Emily on this accomplishment and felt honored to present this award to her for a job well done.

With gratitude & coffee,

Lindsay B