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We all experience both calm and chaos from time to time.  There are days when we awaken in the morning to start our daily routines and everything around us has an atmosphere of calm. Then there are chaotic days in which we just want the day to hurry up and end.

Several months ago, I experienced a day that went from calm to chaos in a moment. It started out as an ordinary day. I rolled out of bed, took a shower and got dressed to go for my annual physical at the veteran’s clinic.  Along the route to the clinic I took time to reflect on my surroundings. The morning rush hour traffic was moving along smoothly. The sun had a beautiful brightness to it. The trail of exhaust that airplanes leave as they fly, danced against the majestic sky. No one appeared to be in a big hurry as they are on some days, and so I reached my destination perfectly relaxed and in plenty time for the appointment.

Upon arrival, I was immediately called into the doctor’s office.  Earlier that week, I had stopped by the VA clinic to have my blood work drawn so the doctor would have the results. As I sat there on the examining table, the doctor calmly informed me that my PSA was much too high and that there was a possibility that I had prostate cancer. At that instant, the day that started so calm and peaceful turned into a “nightmare-chaos.”  Not me, I said to myself.

When was the last time your life went from calm to chaos in a day? When was the last time you found yourself agonizing over an unsatisfactory medical report, struggling with instructions you didn’t understand, or hurrying to leave work to go pick up a sick child?

If you have ever experienced a lay off or an unexpected death in the family, you know how life can go from calm to chaos in a matter of moments. No warnings. No announcements. No preparation.

There is no special formula for preventing chaos in your life. There is no medicine that an earthly doctor can prescribe to cure or prevent it either.  You must face the chaos head-on and seek the help of a higher power to restore calm in your life. Here are three things that give me inner peace to weather chaos:

  1. The power of prayer.
  2. Confiding in a close friend, pastor or counselor.
  3. Feeding my mind with positive thoughts an effort to develop hopeful outcome.

Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten