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In honor of Veterans Day, November 11, we want to recognize all of the LHP employees who have served in the United States Military. Thank you for your service to our country. We salute:

Air Force

  • John Beal, Westview Towers: 1987-1992, Sergeant
  • Seven Cowan, Stonecrest: 2014-2015, E-3
  • Traci Hicks, Trevecca Towers II: 4 years, E-3
  • Phil Lawson, Capital: 1966-1970, Staff Sergeant
  • Tracy Washington, Chippington II: 6 years, E-4


  • Robert Anderson, Corporate: 1967-1970, E-5
  • Robert Corlew, Dandridge: 25 years served (National Guard), Staff Sergeant
  • Walter Ghosten, Chaplain: 1966-1969, (1973-1984 National Guard), Staff Sergeant E-6
  • Philip McClain, Management: 1979-1985, Staff Sergeant
  • James Reeves, Westview: 1986-1991, E-5
  • Alan Wilder, Colony Square: 3 years (21 years National Guard), Sergeant E-5
  • Janet Wilmouth, Harriman Gardens: 3.5 years served, E-4

Marine Corps

  • Kent Hersha, Corporate: 2003-2007, Corporal
  • Bear McGuire, Management: 1993-1997, Corporal
  • Rick Muth, Trevecca Towers: 1986-1993, E-4
  • Dean Parker, Legacy Housing Foundation: 1987-1991, Corporal
  • JR Pitmon, Trevecca Towers: 1977-1983, E-4


  • McKenzie Blair, Stonecrest: 2014-2018, E-4
  • Brian Smith, Radnor Towers: 1980-1984, E-3
  • Columbus Thomas, Tivoli: 1993-1997, E-4

Happy Veterans Day!

American flag

If anyone has been left off this list, please email and the post will be amended.