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This week’s Pup, Close and Purrsonal comes from Dawn Wolfe, Senior Community Manager, Chippington I and II, who has two English bulldogs, a breed of dog that she has always wanted.

“We came across a breeder that had Lulu,” Dawns says. “I fell in love with her at first sight.” Lulu is 6 years old now and has a younger brother, Jaxson, who is 2. Dawn wasn’t looking to have two. But later when the breeder had another litter of pups, she took one look at his cute pug-like nose and wrinkled face, and it was love at first sight again.

Lulu and Jaxson are low-maintenance pets. Their favorite activities are eating and sleeping. To wind down and prepare for sleep, Jaxson likes to suckle his stuffed animals like a baby with a pacifier. “It’s the cutest thing ever,” says Dawn adding, “they literally sleep 23 hours a day.”

But when they hear the telltale sound of a wrapper opening, they are wide awake and come running to beg with their “sad little puppy eyes” for a bite of your snack.

After a long, hard day, Lulu and Jaxson have a “magical way of making it all better,” says Dawn. “They are always there for you—maybe it’s because they want a bite of your food—but they are there!”

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