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In honor of Veterans Day, I wanted to recognize all of our LHP employees who have served in the United States Military.

Air Force

  • John Beal, Westview Towers:1987-1992; Sergeant
  • Phil Lawson, Capital: 1966-1970; Staff Sergeant


  • Janet Wilmouth, Harriman Gardens: 3.5 years served; E-4
  • Karen Ohm, Lincoln Manor: 1976-1979; E-2
  • Philip McClain, Management: 1979-1985; Staff Sergeant
  • Robert Anderson, Corporate: 1967-1970; E-5
  • Robert Corlew, Dandridge: 25 years served (National Guard), Staff Sergeant
  • Walter Ghosten, Chaplain: 1966-1969, 1973-1984; Staff Sergeant

Marine Corps

  • Bear McGuire, Management: 1993-1997; Corporal
  • Dean Parker, Legacy Housing Foundation: 1987-1991; Corporal
  • Jerry Rainey, Hickory Forest: 1973-1977
  • JR Pitmon, Trevecca Towers: 1977-1983; E4
  • Kent Hersha, Corporate: 2003-2007; Corporal
  • Rick Muth, Trevecca Towers: 1986-1993; E4


  • Brian Smith, Radnor Towers: 1980-1984; E3
  • Columbus Thomas, Tivoli: 1993-1997; E4
  • David Cross, Lynnridge: 9 years served; E5
  • David Gross, Clear Springs Apartments: 2008-2013; CE 3rd Class

Bonus Points to anyone who can guess who this might be:

If you guessed LHP’s Chairman…you’re right!

If anyone has been left off this list, please email and the post will be amended.

We thank you for your service.


With coffee & gratitude,
Lindsay B