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Our beloved Chaplain was back out on the road recently making all sorts of property visits. Check out where he’s been lately…

pinnacle stonewall 1100-studio

LHP’s Chaplain meets with the staffs of Pinnacle Park, Stonewall, and The 1100 Studios in Knoxville, TN.




tonawanda-1 tonawanda-2

Chaplain Ghosten also traveled to New York to visit that area’s 1 Community with properties located in Niagara Falls, Tonawanda, and Lockport.

The visits seem to be going really well, based on what I’m being told!

“We really enjoyed meeting him.” “Wonderful man, pleasure to meet with.”

“It was a wonderful visit; he cares about each & every one of us professionally, and personally. Tell Mr. Lawson thanks for sending him on this road trip.”

“It was nice to see him again, we love his visits.” “We really love the words of encouragement from our Chaplain. We would love to see more of Walter.”

“It was a nice visit, as usual. He always makes me laugh and brings the spirits up in the office. He is a very positive person, and seems to bring his aura to the property each time he visits.”

If you haven’t met him yet, hopefully Chaplain Ghosten will make his way to your property soon.


I also can’t forget to mention the recent supermoon. Did you catch it?

A supermoon (thanks, wikipedia) occurs when “a full or new moon makes its closest approach to Earth on its orbit.”

Until November 14, the last supermoon had occurred on January 26, 1948. The next supermoon is expected to occur on November 25, 2034.

The amazing photo above (that’s our building on the right, the BB&T bank) was featured on a local news station’s website & I couldn’t resist posting it here. Isn’t it spectacular?!

Looking forward,

lindsay close up

Lindsay B