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LHP’s corporate employees celebrated the holidays together at a luncheon last Friday. The annual gathering is always lots of fun and the food excellent, and this year certainly did not disappoint. The luncheon was held at Ruth Chris Steak House where employees had their choice of a steak, chicken or salmon entrée served with salad, mashed potatoes, broccoli and hot rolls. The dessert buffet offered a delicious variety of chocolate candies, cookies, truffles, miniature cupcakes and tarts.

During lunch, each table was given a photo of a Christmas scene from the past and asked to work together as a team to create a skit, song, poem or other activity that would evoke the feel of the photo. The “Bring your photo to life” activity stretches a few out of their comfort zones, but the results are creative. Two teams presented three-line Haiku poems which were fast and funny. After studying a photo depicting a family window shopping at a store with a banner asking for donations of toys for children in need, Andy Brinkman’s team held a live auction for funny faux prizes and raised $355. The team is donating the money to Toys for Toys.

The winning team presented a skit which had bratty kids (Logan Wells, Kyle Vander Ploeg-Wright, Gwen McKenzie and Chris Walker) arguing with one another over what toys they want Santa to bring while Mom (Jamie Mayes) tries to read them a Christmas story. It’s mayhem until the littlest and sweetest child (Lisa Scarbrough) enters and very humbly asks Santa only for her two front teeth. The children are chagrined and then all come together as family to sing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” And just like that, Lisa smiles and everyone is delighted to see she has two huge buck teeth. Well, perhaps you had to be there ?

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