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Dr. Paul Meier, psychiatrist, said, “Attitudes are nothing more than habits of thought, and habits can be acquired. An action repeated becomes an attitude realized.” That means with practice, you can develop an overcoming attitude. When we have a cause to celebrate often, it will help to create a healthy mental environment for ourselves, and in turn, those around us.

Celebration is defined as “an act of doing something special or doing something enjoyable for an important event, occasion or holiday.” It is an act of praising a person or thing, or expressing that something is great. There are many times in life when we celebrate: when a child is born, when that child takes its first steps, when two people fall in love and marry, when a teenager graduates from high school or when someone obtains a college degree.

I can imagine that you have had many reasons to celebrate an important event or occasion in your life.

Personally, I’ve had many reasons to celebrate, especially any time I had to push through dark moments or tough times in my life. I found myself celebrating those victories.

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II, said that he had a reason to celebrate after the war. One of his often used quotes is “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” It is certainly a cause for celebration when you are successful in reaching your desired goal.

However, the Winston Churchill quote I like the most is, “you have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” As we approach this season of gift giving, think about the following reasons that you can celebrate:

  • Freedom-We live in a free society where we can choose to worship freely without government interference.
  • Family and friends – You are able to visit with family and friends this season, many of whom you may not see often.
  • Service – Volunteer to serve others who are less fortunate. Serving creates positive feelings and contributes to your sense of value.

Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

Chaplain Walter Ghosten

By Chaplain Ghosten