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This month LHP’s Employee Spotlight shines on Brandy Ford, a Regional Property Manager who makes hard work and immense responsibilities look easy. At LHP she oversees a portfolio of 14 properties with 1,638 units and 45 employees, and at home, she is responsible for three families: her own, her parents who are disabled, and her 5-year-old niece, Addy.

“Brandy always goes above and way beyond her job expectations to not only help her employees, but to make sure she answers any resident issues,” says Janet Wilmouth, Community Manager, Covenant Village. “She also works outside of the LHP realm with her family and friends. She is amazing. I don’t know how she manages to get it all done.”

Brandy is known as a leader who approaches any endeavor with calm and unassuming confidence. Assistant Regional Manager Jennifer Brown says Brandy can focus on the most pressing matter at hand without letting her many other duties overwhelm her. Yet she is always willing to lend a helping hand when called upon to help, even when she’s busy or when it interrupts her personal time.

When Legacy Housing Foundation asked to host a Saturday morning Good Times program at a Knoxville property to see if it would draw a larger crowd than on a weekday, Brandy was all in. The event which provides free household items as well as games and prizes was a success with lots of families attending and Brandy was able to bring Addy along with her.

Work is not all Monday through Friday, eight to five, Brandy explains, just as caring for family isn’t only on weeknights and weekends. To strike a good work-life balance for yourself, your employees and your family, you must have some flexibility. What else does one need? Brandy says confidently, “we just make it work.”

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LHP is pleased to shine the spotlight on Brandy Ford. We appreciate all that you do each day to make our communities healthier and happier places to live.


Do you know an LHP employee who is making a difference for our communities? Someone who’s dedicated and serving the community after hours? Please send an email to our HR inbox Let us know about the individual you believe is deserving of the Employee Spotlight recognition and provide as much detail as possible so we can appropriately highlight your nominee. One employee is selected every two months, and they receive $100 and the well-deserved recognition.