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I received this note from Kyle, Director of Software Support and knew it had to be put on The Scruff!

As most of LHP knows, Software Support uses a ticket tracking system to handle all of your requests for assistance. This system directs your request to the correct team member and allows someone else in the department to pick up tickets if the assigned team member is out of the office. This system is also used to determine what kind of requests are most often received in order to better design training to help the “end user” (property staff, accountant, etc.) become better at their jobs.

The BIG news is that on December 18, at 2:01 P.M., the 100,000th ticket was received by Software Support!

The ticket was submitted by Navonya Jones of Ridgebrook Apartments here in Knoxville. That many tickets represent a long string of hard work and dedication from the Software Support team, whose job is to support the end users. Any request that’s received, from a task as simple as “Unlock TIC” to something as complex as “I need a workflow designed”, they are always looking for ways to assist the end user and make their job easier.

The team understands that the job is hard enough already…running a property, producing a set of Financial Statements, setting up new employees, or processing payables…without having to deal with software issues on your own.

Their goal is to provide excellent service and they strive to live up to this each day with every ticket they receive.

Thank you for helping Software Support reach this incredible milestone!

With gratitude & coffee,


Lindsay B