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Toph and Daisy

Today’s Pup Close and Purrsonal is from Samantha Ford, Community Manager, The Pines. Samantha and her husband, Bear McGuire, LHP Regional Maintenance Supervisor, have two rescue cats.

One is a calico they named Daisy because, like the wildflower, she was found and rescued from the side of a road in the country. The family’s second cat was adopted from Young-Williams Animal Center, Knoxville’s pet shelter. One of Samantha’s two daughters named it Toph, short for Topher. Samantha has no idea where it came from, but the name stuck.

The cats have an automatic feeder that dispenses breakfast at 6 a.m. Even so, every morning they sit outside the bedroom door waiting for it to open so they can exchange a proper good morning greeting.

Are they spoiled? Yes, Samantha admits. They can be naughty knocking things off shelves, stealing hair ties and making catnip toys mysteriously disappear. After all, they know mom will just buy them more.






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