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Our Maintenance crew has been busy lately!

Justin Lawson, Maintenance Supervisor at Overlook Ridge in Nashville, TN served as host and helped teach a training on heat pumps and electrical troubleshooting for our other maintenance staff. Per Andy Brinkman, VP of Maintenance, the session went really well. Great job!

Congratulations are in order for 3 employees who received promotions recently:

  • Kris Carroll started in June as a Maintenance Supervisor of 136 units at Harriman Gardens and is now the Maintenance Supervisor at The Pines with 150 units. In his spare time, Kris is also a beekeeper.
  • Soori Hammoodi, whose family resides at The Pines, began working there as a Groundskeeper this summer and is now a Maintenance Technician. Soori is an Iraqi refugee.
  • Wade Thompson started at Westview Tower in 2016 as a Custodian where he later became a Maintenance Tech and is now the Maintenance Supervisor at Harriman Gardens. Wade is also a new father, another exciting reason to celebrate!

Bear McGuire, Floating Maintenance Supervisor, is quick to point out that all three of these men are huge assets to the team, thanks to their thirst for knowledge, desire to learn and grow, and their willingness to take on additional responsibilities when needed to get the job done.

If you’re looking for something new for your residents to experience without leaving home, consider contacting some of the food trucks in your area. The service coordinators at Hickory Hollow in Antioch, TN have arranged for a different food truck to come to the property each month. There’s no cost to the property, and residents are charged for their purchases. What an awesome idea! Thanks to Rebecca Sterling for sending this over.

As we begin to prepare for a busy holiday season, whether that brings positive or negative feelings, keep these words from our CEO Carey Parker, ready in your mind:

“Sunrises are the start of a new day and provide hope.  Whatever happened yesterday can be changed by doing something different today. If you wake up and want to be happy, you smile and look for the things you are thankful for in your life.”

With gratitude & coffee,

Lindsay B