This week’s Pup Close & Purrsonal comes to us from Jennifer Schoch. Jennifer is LHP’s Vice President of Asset Management.


The Schoch crew consists of 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 kittens. The kittens are Finn and Tucker. Finn (the orange one) is 7 months and Tucker (the grey one) is 8 months. Their favorite activities include: stealing food from the dogs’ bowls, playing with boxes, climbing curtains, and attacking the dogs.

The dogs, Maggie and Mollie, are two months apart. They turned 2 years old this year. Their favorite  past times include: playing in the yard, eating grass, taking naps, chasing the cats, and playing with the kittens.

Last but not least, the cats! Houston (the orange one) is older, at 16. At this point in life, he just likes to take it easy. His favorite things to do are eat and sleep.

Pickles (the tabby) is 11. Pickles likes to play outside, roam the neighborhood, and sleep in the mulch in front of the house.

Speaking of beloved four-footed friends, The Scruff reminds everyone: please spay or neuter your pets.

Looking forward,

lindsay close up

Lindsay B