The Scruff’s Pup Close & Purrsonal plays off of our popular Up Close & Personal feature, offering a chance to learn more about the beloved pets of LHP employees.

Interested in seeing your pet(s) on the blog? Send an email that includes a photo, their name, age, and favorite hobbies to Don’t forget to include your own name, property, and position in the email, too. Let’s get to know each other’s pets!

12 Oct, 2018

Ava & Gizmo Cooper

Pup Close & Purrsonal|

Today’s Pup Close and Purrsonal comes to us from Philden Cooper, Maintenance Technician at The 1100 Studio Apartments in Knoxville, TN. Meet his pups:

Ava is 3 and Gizmo is 1. Ava got her name after Philden rescued her from being thrown out of the car in front of him while he was driving. A-V-A were the first three letters of the driver’s license plate. Gizmo (a.k.a. Giz Giz) was one of eight puppies he came across at a gas station. He was able to re-home all of them but since it took longer than expected, he ended up keeping Giz Giz for himself and now has 2 dogs! Gizmo’s favorite hobby is tearing up pillows and hiding Philden’s socks. Ava’s favorite hobby is eating the pillows that Gizmo destroys… when she’s not sitting in the creek near his house.

Philden may not have intended to have 2 dogs at the outset, but clearly they both feel right at home with him!

Speaking of beloved four-footed friends, The Scruff reminds everyone: please spay or neuter your pets.

With gratitude & coffee,

Lindsay B

20 Jul, 2018

Karma Crawford

Pup Close & Purrsonal|

You may remember Dawn's pup Zen from a "Pup Close & Purrsonal" feature last spring. If not, here's the link. Dawn sent an email to The Scruff to let us know Zen now has a sister, Karma! She got Karma, [...]

6 Apr, 2018

The Hersha Crew

Pup Close & Purrsonal|

Today's Pup Close and Purrsonal comes to us from Kent Hersha, an Accountant at our Corporate office. Meet his pups: The German Shepherd, His name is Bro.  He is a mix between an Eastern European and a Western European German [...]

9 Mar, 2018

Louie and Archie McManus

Pup Close & Purrsonal|

Today's Pup Close and Purrsonal comes to us from Sarah McManus, an Accountant at our Corporate office. Sarah got her cats from a former Accountant at our office, Margaret. The momma cat had "adopted" Margaret's family and not long after, [...]

9 Feb, 2018

The Howard Pets

Pup Close & Purrsonal|

This week’s Pup Close & Purrsonal comes to us from Brian Howard. Brian is a Senior Property Accountant at Corporate. Georgie is a one year old Pug, the newest addition to Brian's crew. Elly is their 10 year [...]